Decoupage Productions

April 15, 2013

Little Women, Big Cars: Season 2 Launch!

We are so excited to announce that our latest project for Vuguru/AOL, Little Women, Big Cars 2, launched TODAY!  

The series was directed by the fabulous Melanie Mayron, created/written by the abundantly talented Sherry Coben, and stars Amy Yasbeck, Julie Warner, Kristy Swanson, Anita Barone, Alexis Denisof, Antonio Sabato Jr, Elon Gold, Krista Allen, Ed Begley Jr, Cheryl Texeria and Cassandra Freeman (who ALL rock, btw).   Our cast and crew on this one were all amazing to work with and we hope that everyone enjoys the show as much as we enjoyed making it!!

You can watch all 19 episodes on AOL On here:

And, the full Press Release, with more details on the show and characters, can be read below:

Enjoy, folks!

April 2, 2013


Have you heard of the AMAZING Costume Designer, Maria Hooper? If you haven’t yet, you have been missing out because this girl is the s#*$t. We have had the good fortune to know Maria for many, many years now and since we first met her, we have been amazed by her amazing talent. Seriously, she is amazing.

Maria started sewing at the age of 3. For real. She grew up making her own clothes by looking at outfits in magazines that she liked and saying, “hey, I’ll just make that!”. She always knew she wanted to be a designer and went on to study fashion design at Parsons for undergrad. Once graduated, she started designing for Banana Republic for a few years, but eventually decided that her passion lies in costuming. So she decided to pursue a Masters in Costume Design at Yale ..and the industry should be really glad that she made that choice.

This woman can do anything, she can design anything and she makes your projects look spectacular.  She has the best attitude on and off set, she has an ability to win over the toughest temperaments and, she is never over budget—a producer’s dream!  As soon as you see her work you know that this woman will be at the very top one day ..and we cannot wait to see it happen for her.

Maria has worked on many projects with us, and many without us.  She has designed and styled for us starting with a short film we produced years and years ago. From there she has managed to juggle her time around and design for us on projects such as our commercial for Michael Andrews Bespoke, a couple of our Book of Mom and Memo’s From Your Class Parents promos, our Dr. Mommy: Little Mommy Mattel commercial, Vuguru’s digital feature Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and 18 episodes of NickMom Night Out.

Maria also is our top Storyboard Artist who we have commissioned many times…each time to the complete satisfaction of our clients and Directors.

Though she keeps emphasizing that her is yet to be complete, you can check out some of her work here: