Decoupage Productions

February 12, 2013

Little Women Big Cars 2

 The LWBC2 Ladies: Julie Warner, Amy Yasbeck, Kristy Swanson and Anita Barone
So a few weeks ago we wrapped principal photography on Little Women Big Cars 2!! The first one did so well on AOL last year that Vuguru asked us back again to do another one. Sherry Coben wrote a really great second season in which she did a fantastic job further developing storylines from last season, as well as creating hilarious new ones!

Melanie Mayron and Oreo
Melanie Mayron returned to direct the second season and we can’t say enough amazing things about Mel. She is fantastic and everyday on set with her is a complete joy.

These low budget shoots can be extremely trying for everyone, especially shooting in a place like LA where they are used to bigger budget shows. But our crew was fantastic and we felt so privileged to be able to work with everyone.

Right now we are in post on LWBC2 and it will be released sometime this spring/summer on AOL. We will be sure to keep everyone updated on it’s release!